Clearasil Lickable Faces:


The Challenge: Clearasil were launching their new product, Superfruits face wash, in a cluttered category of beauty brands, and needed to have cut through and prove relevance to teenagers.

The Insight: Teens see Clearasil as a brand that words and has efficacy credentials in the space, but doesn’t really mean anything to them. They buy what is cool, what their friends recommend, and what people talk about.

The Solution: We launched the product in the most relevant way to teens: on social media, though gifs, where we give them creative control, put their face to the brand, and allow them to broadcast it across their social channels.

The Execution 


My Learnings: This campaign taught me so much about teen advertising and just how fine the line is between cool and lame.

The idea alone for the Facebook App was strong, but it would really come down to the execution of the gifs to see if it would be something teenagers would actually share. As it turned out, they were received really well with thousands of shares, friend tags, and gifs created.

The flack around the licking imagery that came from a tiny percent of the audience was necessary, because if you do something that isn’t ‘out there’ with teens it gets lost in the massive pile of lame marketing campaigns.