ANZ Wealth own an interesting space within ANZ, where they are not a traditional part of the banks infrastructure of personal banking, loans, business & corporate banking and all the other major parts of the bank’s core portfolio.

Rather, ANZ Wealth brings in approx 8% of the bank's yearly revenue within the superannuation, share investing, insurance and retirement categories. Because of this position, it’s an interesting ride to be working with a (relatively) small team primarily focussed on customer acquisition.

Love Insurance

Challenge: Life Insurance. No one wants to talk about out. People know they should have it. No one knows ANZ sells it. Because it’s possibly to simplest product to understand (ie you die and your family gets money), and what ANZ offers is so similar to all the players in the market, there isn’t really a differentiation story they can go out telling to get awareness.

Insight: Life insurance is actually the most selfless, maybe even most romantic gift you can ever buy anyone. Love beyond death is actually one of the most cheesy and cliché themes from love ballads and tragically romantic movies... but we don't talk about it that way in the world of sensible insurance.

Solution: Rebrand the product as LOVE INSURANCE. 'Life insurance' is a morbid purchase that people don’t want to discuss. But the gift of eternal love & care - what’s more romantic than that? 

The Execution:

Social Video

ANZ Staff hype reel

My learnings

The most simplest, easiest to explain of ideas, often become the hardest to protect... and then produce! This campaign was the biggest we'd ever done for ANZ Wealth, spanning:

  • In-branch across 800 ANZ branches for 2 months
  • Digital banners
  • Social: Facebook + Instagram + YouTube
  • Staff activation (incl. competition)
  • Print brochures and posters
  • PR campaign support

Equal Future

The Challenge: What does ANZ really stand for? What does any big bank or massive corporation really stand for? Virgin is an easy one, they have the Robin Hood angle of being ‘fair’ nailed from the start. But big Australian banks, as a generalisation, need to have a bigger purpose and meaning in the today’s consumer hearts and minds. ANZ don’t have that yet.

The Insight: We do not live in an equal society. Whether it’s about gender, sexuality of race, we live in a time of prejudice and inequality. 

The Solution: Don't run an 'advertising campaign'. Instead let's campaign for actual change in today's society. On a social, cultural, and even political level. We launched with Australia's first female prime minister, Julia Gillard, bringing to life the Equal Future initiative to a very public panel of Australian thought leaders. From there, the below TVC and integrated marketing campaign followed to bring this conversation of the gender pay gap (and more importantly - what we need to do to change it!) to the fore of society & culture.

Execution: The below is the launch video to the wider campaign, which set up the problem.  

Equal Future Video

My Learnings: This is the first campaign I've worked on that truly listened to what was happening in culture and reacting accordingly, rather than simply pushing out a company message to consumers trying to sell their 'brand' or product. The fact this has directly influenced government policy around women's entitlements to superannuation on maternity leave is a massive step towards my understanding of the difference brands can make on real reform.