My 2017 AWARD School Portfolio

The below work is what I submitted to all my briefs for the 12 week AWARD (Australian Writers and Art Directors) creative course. A lot of the work are screenshots from my hand drawn portfolio, so it may need to be viewed on desktop.

The rules were quite simple - hand drawn images only, black and white only, one week per brief.

Poster brief: TAP WATER

Proposition: Tap Water is the best thing you can drink


Activation brief: TOYOTA HILUX

Proposition: The toughest ute out there


2. Hilux.png


Proposition: The quietest vacuum cleaner

The idea: UNDETECTABLY QUIET - the things you do at home when you think you're alone


3x 30sec scripts required (campaignable idea)

3x 30sec scripts required (campaignable idea)

TV brief: iiNet Broadband

Proposition: With unlimited high speed data, there's no limit to what you can do


5. iinet.png

Open brief - Completely open to write the strategy, brief and then execute it.

The brief, the idea, the execution:

Integrated brief: AUSTRALIAN MADE

Proposition: Buy Australian to support Australians

The idea: MATES RATES ON MAY 8TH - Australian Made puts a new day on the calendar to buy Aussie.


7a. Aust Made.png

Digital brief: SCOOT AIRLINES

Proposition: See the world on your budget


Non-traditional advertising brief: MARRIAGE EQUALITY

Proposition: Marriage equality is good for Australia

The idea: THE BOOK OF TWO STORIES - A book about marriage equality, disguised as a travel guide.


Note the country list on the back cover is subtly different from the front

Note the country list on the back cover is subtly different from the front

My Application

In May 2016, I entered the 'AWARD at Semi-Permanent' competition. The rules were that from the below brief, we had to submit a single image to judges - from which they would shortlist 5 finalists to develop their ideas in a one-day workshop and present to the actual client.

I responded to the below brief along with 48 others, and was then shortlisted to the top 5. 

Billboard brief: TOYOTA HILUX

Proposition: Nothing stops a Hilux

Audience: Women who work in male dominated industries (tradies, mining, construction)


Where things then got interesting, is that from those top 5, only one of us would get chosen to get a free scholarship to AWARD school 2017.

So in a 5 hour session, I took the above concept and developed it into something to present to the actual Toyota client.

The Platform:

To bring this idea to life, I decided to not develop a lot more executions, but a creative platform from which executions could come from.

The platform is called:

The Toyota Hilux
Celebrating the things you do that make you unbreakable

This platform allows Toyota to celebrate real girls that defy convention, making them as unbreakable as a Hilux. 

The Channels:

Content is where this idea lives. So from that platform falls digital and print content of the stories of Unbreakable Girls. This content can then be distilled down to a billboard (as per original concept), a TVC, and even a social campaign of content stories that can extend to user-generated-content.

The Creative:

I presented this as three possible story layouts that cover a wide spectrum. the stories were:

Steph, 37, Adelaide.
Deep down, Steph always knew she wanted to fly planes. But for some reason she always wound up in office administrative jobs. Now at the age of 37 she’s making the transition to becoming a pilot after 5 years of juggling study with work and family life.
We follow her transition, and document the barriers she’s going to have to break down to succeed in her professional life.
— Breaking into a male dominated industry
Kayla, 11, Grafton NSW.
Kayla plays in the u/14 boys rugby league in her hometown of Grafton. There is no u/12 team that is more suited to her age, and there is no girls league that is more suited to her gender.
But she doesn’t care.
We follow Kayla’s season and get interviews with her in which she explains that she’s happy to take on the older boys any day of the week - she’s as tough as they come and no one stands in her way.
— Challenging gender stereotypes in sport
Yumiko, 90, Bondi NSW.
At the age of 89, Yumiko decided she was going to learn to swim by her 90th birthday. She had never swam in her life.
We follow her story from the first day meeting her swim coach at the pool, to seeing her do 25m lengths breaststroke months later, then progressing to freestyle, and eventually to longer distances.
Then on the day of the 90th birthday, we don’t just see her swim in the pool, she takes on a stormy, bitterly cold swell down at Bondi.
As the waves crash around her, she holds strong and remains unbreakable.
— Personifying the unbreakable value

The Goal:

The empower women to break boundaries, and to inspire everyone.


I got the scholarship.