Dettol Mission For Health

The Challenge: Take Dettol ATL advertising from a place of aspirational, pristine houses with actors looking perfect, to a place that was real and actually meant something to consumers. All whilst not losing the product message and driving sales.

The Insight: Real people trust real people, and that trust is driven deeper by shared experiences. Because Dettol products are primarily purchased by mums, we needed to show how real mums use real products, to protect their real families.

The Solution: Cast real people, document their real experiences and stories that everyone can connect with, and show how Dettol is making a positive impact on their lives.

The Execution 

My Learnings: Working on RB, this has been my proudest campaign to be part of because it was the catalyst for taking Dettol to a place that means something to people.

It’s a brand that had already been voted ‘most trusted’ by Australian consumers before the campaign began, so my primary learning from this was that once you already have that mindset to leverage the best approach is not to rely on price promotions, testimonials, or aspirational benefits, but to drive that trust even deeper by showcasing the product benefits in the everyday life of real people.