Durex - Mardi Gras 2014 sponsorship:

The Challenge: Make Durex stand for more as a brand in 2014. Take it from ‘a condom brand’ to a lifestyle brand that actually means something to Australians. 

The Insight: The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community in Australia are going through a time of change, where same sex marriage and equal rights are hot topics in politics and the media. Durex wants to support them in making their love stand for something.

The Solution: We created the ‘make your love count’ campaign, where people could log onto the Facebook app and log the years they’ve been together with their partners, and we’d tally their number of years. The campaign included recruiting people at Fair Day & Harbour Day, then climaxing at the 2014 Mardi Gras where 50 lucky couples earned their place to dance down Oxfrod Street on the Durex float.

The Execution


My Learnings: This was first exposure to a truly integrated campaign.

I started off managing the Facebook App build side of the project where people could go online to register their years together as a LGBT couple. From there it was helping coordinating the events that led up to Mardi Gras such as Fair Day and Harbour Party with the tech to register couples’ years - that eventually ended up on the float.

Alongside this was the PR and social aspect of the project to keep interest high and the story in the news (Tony Abbott’s sister even registered her years with her girlfriend!).

Ultimately, it was the learning around the process of sponsoring an event being so much more than branding - but understanding what the audience cares about, then aligning the brand.

Durex - The Great Embrace:

The Challenge: As is always the case with Durex - how do we help them launch a product like pleasure gels through a G-rated event that gets attention of the public?

The Insight: Long term couples are the people who buy pleasure gels, so how do we engage them in a way to show product relevance?

The Solution: We broke a world record! The world’s longest marathon hug: 25 hours & 23 minutes to be precise. Creating an event around 20 long term couples hugging it out for a $20,000 engagement ring was the right balance of product ‘closeness’ integration, and brand transformation of real people, in love, made closer by Durex.

The Execution 


My Learning: It’s really, really hard to get any council clearance for an event when you say the word “Durex”.

From an event perspective, this ran smoothly, generated a lot of PR, and ended with a wedding proposal. It worked because we took the brand from a place that is traditionally about condoms, and helped transform it into a brand that is about couples, connection, and love... a stronger emotional selling points than just sex.