Finish Simply Brilliant eCRM program

I should start on this one by saying that this website is like my baby. 

I helped create it, I watch it come into the world, I checked in, cared and nurtured it on a daily basis, and helped it grow into what I wanted it to become. Then, after two years, I handed it over to a complete stranger with a set of instructions.

The Challenge: Take a functional, non emotional category like dishwashing tablets, and make it something people actually feel brand loyalty about.

The Insight: People who use Finish expect the best results, and they choose to use it because they are proud of their homes, and don’t want to waste time washing dishes that haven’t been cleaned properly. 

The Solution: Create an online resource to make their home life easier. Offer them tips & tricks around the home, quick recipes, quarterly promotions, and always on product discounts to reward them for their loyalty.

The Execution 


My Learnings: eCRM programs are complex! And that eCRM stands for Electronic Customer Relationship Management. 

Choosing a broad learning, it’s how you keep the program just like the website: simple to digest, navigate and share from a user experience, but complex and practical in the data you’re gathering and then implementing to increase engagement on the back end.

Specifically - managing all content and design for monthly eDMs, setting up relevant quarterly promotions to acquire new members to the database, how to survey and analyse results from the audience every six months, then apply all those learnings as well as triggered relevant offers and content to specific members over time.