Foxtel is a brand under fire from every angle, and a beautiful brand to be involved in the communications of for that exact reason.

Being Australia's monopolistic leader in pay TV for 22 years, it's now having to innovate to reinvent itself in a world of Netflix, Stan, and so so many digital entertainment & streaming alternatives.

At TBWA, I joined the brand amidst this evolution, as lead agency on strategy and creative communications across it's entire product suite.


Foxtel iQ3:

The Challenge: Only 11% of Foxtel users have access to their premium entertainment box - the iQ3. Aside from cost, the secondary barrier is that people don't know what the benefits are or why it's any better than regular TV or cheaper alternatives of Foxtel products..

The Insight: There is one category of spending that people are happily ready to splurge on - convenience. If we could reposition the Foxtel iQ3 box as always having your back no matter what life throws at you, then we're repositioning how you think about spending money on a convenient solution to always having your favourite content on hand.

The Solution: Chris Hemsworth. The solution is always Chris Hemsworth. But this time he's overcoming life's distractions with the Foxtel iQ3 box and functionality it offers.

The Execution - 3 (of 4) customer focussed videos

Foxtel Now Box:

This was an interesting brief in that we were introducing a new player into an already crowded market of SVOD enabling devices that didn't truly have any differentiating factors that we needed to promote - it was more about positioning this as the device to stream everything you need through beautiful design. We approached the execution accordingly, with a team mix of designers and animators leading the concept generation, rather than a traditional creative team.

Foxtel Now:

The Challenge: Take a brand with 22 years of heritage and perceptions of being complicated, hard to deal with, overpriced, arrogant and disliked, and make it appeal to the masses through a new product that rivals the price and simplicity of modern streaming giants.

The Insight: Great content brings people together - TV shows are the most talked about topics in the 21st century (take that Weather!). 

The Solution: People in unison, passionate about content. Putting the content before the brand, and shooting in a style that moves us away from Foxtel's corporate look that allows us to rebrand.

The Execution - Launch video

My Learnings: Rebrands are epic. To steer a massive corporate beast of a ship in a new direction is no easy feat. True story (for anyone remotely surprised).

Make It Yours:

The Challenge: Foxtel is viewed as rigid, corporate, difficult to navigate brand. They have a vision to be the customer hero, having the ability to disrupt (of all things...) themselves.

The Solution: Chris Hemsworth.

The Execution: