M.J. bale

M.J. Bale are a small player punching above their weight in a hugely cluttered and competitive men's fashion industry.

They're one of a few uniquely Australian high end fashion brands in an industry that gains credibility from international labels.

To succeed, they focus brilliantly on the WHY. They stand for sustainable farming practice, provenance, authenticity and a jestful spirit.

Ultimately - they disrupt the category norms by standing for substance over pretence.


Coolest Suit on the Planet:

The Challenge: Get more people to buy M.J. Bale 'Cool Wool' suits throughout the Spring/Summer period, in the lead-up to Australia's horse racing season.

The Insight: In a world that's getting hotter every year, people view wool only as a winter fabric that keeps them warm.

The Solution: We fronted the campaign with a UK weatherman, who - equipped with a range of M.J. Bale Cool Wool suits - predicted the hottest place on earth the next day and travelled to it for a 2 week period, testing that when the world loses its cool, could he keep his?

The Execution - Film

My Learnings: Managing a truly integrated campaign with so many factors to stay on top of (keeping talent fresh, unknown locations around the world, travel & accommodation plans changing, having my producer and creative director on the other side of the world) whilst always keeping sight of the brand story to be told is quite a skill to attain... and relentless to stay on top of.


Unsuitable Journey:

The Challenge: Get people to engage with M.J. Bale's latest breathable wool suits, which means they keep their shape better than any other fabric out there.

The Insight: Aussies travel further than any other country for work trips. In doing so, they need a suit that can handle anything travel throws at them

The Solution: We sent a model to the other side of the world in 5 days with no sleep or hotels - in the same suit. Proving you can crush the man, but you can't crush the suit.

The Execution - Film

My Learnings: Brands with little budget and no media budget need to push the idea harder to rely on earned media and top notch PR. This is not easy, and often not nearly as fun as the case study looks.