The words of some really smart people

I am currently 8 weeks into the 12 week course that is AWARD School (aka creative ad school).

Despite being sleep deprived and somewhat over working through every weekend, this is far outweighed by being inspired by some pretty kick ass lecturers on a weekly basis.

Instead of trying to ramble on about all the things I've learnt so far, I thought it would be easier to have a look at what they've said, thanks to my incredible Powerpoint design skills.

I was planning to finish there, but here's a few more from the same peeps for good measure!

Aaaaand, that's enough for now. If you don't know who these people are then you should leave my site and google them, as you'll learn a lot more.

PSA - If you didn't find any of those sound bites interesting then do blame me for re-wording their wisdom, and don't let it be a reflection on the people in this industry who are far wiser than I am.