The Ebay Challenge

I have accidentally stumbled upon a new source of revenue.

The Most Amazing Thyme plant on Plant Earth was accidentally sold at 9:46pm on Christmas day 

The Most Amazing Thyme plant on Plant Earth was accidentally sold at 9:46pm on Christmas day 

As a joke in early December I posted a dead plant online with the hope of getting a laugh out of all two people who live in my flat (one of which is me, with whom I was successful).

To make the joke really stick, I decided I'd have to fully commit (the first 10 minutes of my day at work) to a. setting up an Ebay account, and b. selling this plant in through the magic of advertising (cringe).

What you see above: The photo of the plant that sold

What you see below: My blurb to advertise this plant to it's full potential.

What I learned: Marketing can be extremely misleading, to the point where people actually make money.

Once in a lifetime, you will come across an opportunity like this. An opportunity to own one of the world’s most pristine, pure, life-changing plants. Nay, one of the most impeccable natural assets that has ever graced planet earth.

This is that time for you.

Look to the top of your screen. What do you see? A (dying) thyme plant? Wrong.

It is so much more than that. This “thyme plant” embodies so much more than any plant has ever embodied previous to this day. Born and raised by a world class horticulturalist of the Derbyshire region of the purest hills the United Kingdom - or even planet earth - has to offer, this plant has been raised in the crisp, happy, beautiful sanctuary that sits atop Mount Wellington (street, Bondi). And it shows.

It is with great regret that its owner’s announce this thyme plant has come to it’s time to move on, be fostered by a new family, and truly spread its wings to be open to new and exciting life experiences. But it is merely a fact of life that such a beautiful plant should not be subdued to one life with one set of owners. A plant this beautiful needs to experience more in life.

And should you invest in such a plant, you will truly, truly reap the benefits. The possibilities of adventures ahead in your life with this plant and LITERALLY* endless. Need some Thyme on your meals? This plant will provide*. Need a Christmas tree with a twist? This plant will provide*. (*the above two uses are the only possible uses, and even then neither are recommended from an OH&S perspective).

Submissions to purchase this plant will undertake a rigorous screening process. You will be required to meet the seller to ensure you are up to the responsibility to tend the the plants every need for as long as it will live^.

^plant may be dead on arrival.
— davem_1986 (never buy anything off that guy)

Now, just need to think of what I can try to get rid of next... if you have any unwanted or dead stuff, please do get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

Note: In the above case the plant had been thrown out by the time it was bought, so the money was refunded.