Veet Hairy Questions Kit

The Challenge: If Veet can acquire a customer at the POME (point of market entry) stage, then they could have a customer for life. This means cutting the more simple use of razors out from the audience of teenage girls from the start of their journey of hair removal. But how can they engage them to start with Veet before it’s too late?

The Insight: Puberty is a tricky time to navigate, and teenage girls look up to their mums when it comes to beauty regime. They are eager to learn and want to be the last of their friends to know how it all works!

The Solution: We created the “Veet Hairy Questions Kit”, the answers to all the questions a teenage girl could have around hair removal, and package it up for her and mum to order together, and discuss together. To drive awareness of this kit, we created the below video poking fun of the ‘hairy questions’ a teenage girl would never ask dad, as a hook across social platforms where teenage girls and mums are most active.

The Execution - hook video (below) seeded across social channels & microsite setup with eCommerce to sell the kits

My Learnings: Biggest learning on this was the research to understand what resonated with an audience I do not relate to in any way whatsoever: teenage girls. What I found, surprisingly, is that when you’re creating a piece of entertainment / comedy, it often transcends ‘target audiences’, and if the idea is good, it will stand the test of any audience.

Beyond that, this project was a task of coordinating multiple elements to all come together at the same time: the video production, the website, the eCommerce platform to integrate with the client, the creation of the kits, and fulfilment of the kits.

Veet EasyWax Salon Horror Stories

The Challenge: Veet have the category leading product for salon quality hair removal: Veet EasyWax. It heats the wax to the perfect temperature, applies an even layer, and is done in the privacy of a users home. Once people buy one, they’re constantly getting refills and reusing it. However, three years after launch, how do we make people who are yet to experience it care anymore? Or create a desire? Sales are dropping.

The Insight: To drive sales, we need to convert people form the salon users category. And there are endless tales of real life horror stories that come from going to waxing salons.

The Solution: We created a suite of beautifully illustrated, punchy animated videos and seed them across an array of social media. Each video highlights the real life problem, and closes with the product solution.

The Execution 

My Learnings: Working via the creative department with a Illustrator based in another hemisphere who speaks another language on a different timezone getting paid in a different currency is tricky!

My main takeout from this campaign was to roll with the changes from idea conception through to final asset delivery. When working with illustration / animation it’s so hard to know what the final product will actually look like, so the success from my perspective was that the creative message and campaign insight stayed true from start to end.