On a one project basis only, I worked at TBWA on a university initiative to get more women into what's always been a male dominated industry, engineering. The client was UNSW, with the support of Engineers Australia and 7 other major Australian uni's (Sydney, Monash, UOW, UTS, Deakin, etc.).

The Problem

Currently 15% of engineers are women, and 18% of engineering university students are women - creating a massive divide between the genders based on outdated stereotypes of 'what an engineer is'.

The Objective

Engage women considering university degrees (15-18 years old) with the smarts in maths & science who should be considering engineering as an option, and get them to consider a career in it.

The Solution

Speak to them in a truly relevant way, through a film clip for the latest release of a DJ duo that resonates perfectly with this audience - The Nervo Twins. With 4M Facebook and 1.3M Instagram followers, but more importantly a background in engineering themselves, they were the perfect voice for this campaign.

The Execution

The case study

Official music video

Behind the scenes and campaign message



The most powerful campaigns are purpose led, stand for social change, and take over 1.5 years + 3,700 emails to get out into the world.